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Can You Get Cancer From Toppik Scalp?

April 30th, 2011

Skin cancer can be defined as an abnormal proliferation of keratinocytes or skin cells which mainly occurs when the skin gets exposed to sunlight. Skin cancer mainly classified into basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer that usually spreads throughout the surrounding tissue. Scalp cancer is an aggressive form of skin cancer, squamous cell (SCC) occurring in balding men and women. Bald scalp results in more often exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. However, scalp cancer can also occur in people who have a full head of hair.
Scalp cancer can be treated effectively if detected and diagnosed early. The most significant symptoms of scalp cancer include irritation of the scalp, forming red nodules or fat wound to the head and bleeding from these lesions. Scalp cancer diagnosis is possible through the routine biopsy of the lesion. The most appropriate medication for the treatment of skin cancer surgery chief.
However, recent advances in the field of medical science has provided several solutions for hair bald. Toppik is one such sophisticated solution that eliminates the appearance of thinning hair and bald. Toppik Hair is a unique cover material based on the concept of using micro fiber which consists of keratin. Keratin is a protein that is in normal hair. This micro fiber hair static charge that intertwine with normal hair around it and remained firm, thus effectively covering the bald area, giving a normal appearance. Toppik has proven equally effective in both sexes. However, there is one disadvantage of using Toppik. Scalp cancer can be easily identified on the bald head or on the scalp with little hair because the scalp has a different color than normal skin. By using Toppik, it is difficult to find cancer in the head as a fiber made of solid performances.



April 29th, 2011

THE DANGERS OF DRINKING WATER BEFORE EATING WHITE. To reduce excessive eating a lot of people drink water first, just before eating. Better get rid of the habit, if you want to drink before meals do one hour before meals.

Consuming too much water just before eating it makes you lose your appetite because the stomach becomes full. But drinking water immediately before eating will make the process of absorption of food by the enzyme becomes more difficult.

Because the water you drink took 30 minutes to flow from the stomach into the intestines. So if you drink just before eating, have not had water to the intestine has been added to the foods that make the enzymes work more difficult.

Professor Hiromi Shinya, MD, an expert in enzyme that is also a professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA, as quoted by the essay, ‘The Miracle of Enzyme’ on Saturday (02/20/2010), suggested that drinking water was performed 1 hour before mealtimes.

As with any plant, he said there is a good period for drinking due to excessive irrigation on the plant will make the plants to rot and wilt. So there is an appropriate time period for the body to drink water.

The ideal way to meet the need of water for the body are:
1-3 glasses when I wake up in the morning
2-3 glasses, 1 hour before lunch
2-3 glasses, 1 hour before dinner.

According to note is that drinking water after waking up because of fluid loss must be quickly replaced when I wake up.

Professor Hiromi does not recommend drinking water before bed but if very thirsty can be done one hour before bedtime.

Drinking water right before bed can prevent backflow. Although only the water, when mixed with stomach acid into the throat and can be inhaled into the lungs are worried about the risk of suffering from pneumonia.

Get used to sleep with empty stomachs because the throat was designed so that no one goes into it except air. If still no food or drinks, the stomach contents will bubble up into the esophagus when you lay down. When that happens, the body will narrow windpipe and stop your breathing to prevent stomach contents into the throat.

Many incidents of people dying from a heart attack at dawn. The reason is because the acid that flows back as a result of eating or drinking late at night, and ends at the closing of the respiratory tract and breathing became irregular, blood oxygen levels decrease and eventually less supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Admittedly, the need to drink every person is different, but make it a habit to drink water 6-8 glasses per day (1.5 to 2 liters) for adults. If the weather is very hot as the person would need to drink more. Conversely those with weak digestive systems may experience diarrhea if you drink too much.

Number of water a person needs varies depending on the size of the person’s body and what is considered appropriate for her body. It’s just note the time fixed for the ideal drink, beyond the need for another drink.

If the water needs are met well then you will rarely get sick. When the water needs are met, the water will moisten the areas in the body that easily attacked by bacteria and viruses such as the bronchi (respiratory tube), gastric and intestinal mucosa. That way the immune system becomes active so that these areas become difficult to attack a virus or bacteria.

Conversely, if water is consumed less in the bronchial mucous membrane will become dehydrated and dry, phlegm and mucus which is produced in the bronchus. If there is not enough water then the sputum and bronchial mucus will stick to that then become breeding sites of viruses and bacteria.

Water is essential for the body. If no water people are not only malnourished, but impurities and toxins will also be collected in the cell and can not be excluded. Bad effects, it will accumulate toxins that damage the cells of one gene that can cause changes in gene into cancer cells.

How To Prevent Prostate Cancer With Masturbation and masturbation

April 28th, 2011

Masturbation, not I want to talk about things that vulgar, or Nudity. Masturbation is something that we often hear, is a bit awkward talking about this, but did you know that masturbation can prevent and reduce cancer risk.
There are some results of previous studies or previous research which led researchers to believe that frequent ejaculation may increase your risk of cancer, particularly prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a common disease in elderly men, but the main problems revolve around the aggressiveness of the cancer, these cancers usually grow more slowly in older men, but the aggressive growth is more common in men whose age was younger and often more deadly.
One major result of the three men showed the opposite results. The conclusion was that men who ejaculate between thirteen to twenty times per month reduce cancer risk by 14%, except that many sex therapists believe that masturbation can improve your health by way of freeing themselves from stress.
However, they warned that masturbation should not be used as a substitute for your sexual activity with a partner. But on the other hand, there is no evidence showing the benefits or harmful effects of masturbation on prostate hyperplasia soft one indication of this is when you urinate pain, or difficulty ejaculating.

Aspirin Prevent Death from Cancer

April 27th, 2011

Aspirin, which is widely used as analgesics (pain relievers), continue to develop their utilization. According to recent reports from British scientists, low-dose aspirin in the long term can reduce the risk of dying from several types of cancer.
In the study analysis, published in prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, scientists from Oxford University said the risk of death than 25,000 cancer patients under study is reduced to 20 percent.

However, experts do not want to rush to recommend healthy people to take aspirin. The reason, still found the side effects of this drug, namely bleeding and a number of other side effects in female patients.

Research conducted and Peter Rothwell of Oxford’s team compared patients who took aspirin 75 mg daily for heart disease and those who take placebo pills or other drugs. The dose is 75 mg are low and are usually used for infant dose. This study lasted for about four years.

The result is known that deaths from prostate cancer and lung cancer can be reduced to 20 percent in the group taking aspirin every day. Meanwhile, the risk of colon cancer deaths decreased 35 percent. However, in breast cancer patient groups, aspirin did not provide significant results.

The reduction in pancreatic cancer, stomach, and brain death difficult to quantify due to a smaller amount.

Experts in the field of cancer has so far said it is not going to recommend aspirin to their patients. “We were not able to make treatment decisions based on this study,” said Dr. Raymond DuBois, a specialist in cancer prevention at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

One of the things that concerns experts is that research is designed to look at the risk of cardiovascular disease so that the comparison group respondents may have different risk factors for death due to cancer.

Aspirin itself has long been recommended for patients with heart disorders. However, aspirin also has serious side effects, such as stomach bleeding and gastrointestinal tract, as well as on the elderly will increase the risk of injury from falls.

Therefore, the experts warned, before taking aspirin every day should consult with your doctor. For healthy people, the recommended cancer prevention is a healthy lifestyle modifications, such as stopping smoking and reducing fat intake.

Colon Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

April 26th, 2011

Until now, we are still uncertain what exactly the cause of colon cancer, but we can find out what factors can increase the risk of colon cancer. Risk factors of colon cancer are:
• Age. Along with age, the risk of developing colon cancer increases. colon cancer is more common in people aged over 50 years, but now also can occur in a younger age.
• Race and ethnicity. Race African Americans are more at risk of developing colon cancer than other races, although not obtained a clear answer why this happened. Ashkenazi Jew (descendants of European Jews) also have a high risk for the development of the large intestine. Some genetic mutations found in Ashkenazi Jews, which is the biggest symptom of increased risk.
• Family History. If you have a family history of colon cancer, you probably have a greater risk for developing colon cancer as well.
• Health history. Polips could be one risk factor for colon cancer. Polyps are a mass of growth in the colon. As many as 70-90% of cases of colon cancer comes from polyps, and lift (operation) will reduce the risk of polyps of colon cancer. However, removal of polyps is not yet mean that we are free from colon cancer because these polyps can grow back. The best way to tackle this problem is to perform routine colon examination. Another possibility is the occurrence of gastrointestinal inflammation (inflammatory bowel disease), a condition that can cause colon becomes inflamed.
• Genetics. There are two types of genes most commonly associated with an increased risk of cancer Familial adenomatous (FAP) and Hereditary Non-polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC). About 5% of colon cancer cases caused by this gene. Another syndrome is Peutz-Jeghers, but the number was smaller in the cause of colon cancer.
• Other risk factors. There are several other risk factors that lead to colon cancer such as smoking, alcohol, physical activity levels, obesity and type 2 diabetes

BSE (Breast Self-Check) In Men

April 25th, 2011

Male breast cancer? Indeed, this is not common because the majority of breast cancer in women. But do not be surprised if it turns out men can also develop breast cancer.
In the United States, the number of men who develop breast cancer by 1900 people, it is a much smaller number than that suffered by women, but even so the men also should take precautions against this disease. Similarly in women, breast cancer in men also have signs and symptoms that can be observed in private and with the help of a doctor. Among the many signs are the most easily recognized is the emergence of a mass or lump in the breast and a change in the nipple. In male breast cancer is usually just appears without the pain, there is a mass / lump usually on subareola and very rarely on the outer upper quadrant. Breast cancer in men is more common in the left breast from the right and less than 1% of cases occur in both.
Another symptom is the presence of nipple retraction, nipple or skin lesions, discoloration of the skin and muscle where the cancer, the lump texture, and appearance of glands in the armpit area clearly. Nearly 40-50 percent of breast cancer cases in men are marked changes in the nipple but not to bleed as well as breast cancer in men.
Breast cancer in men as serious as breast cancer in women so do not let you wait to see her doctor if the symptoms and signs as above. Because most men are generally waiting and wishing these symptoms will disappear by itself. The faster diagnosed untreated then chances will be even greater. Thus, BSE (breast self-check) is not just for women but also apply to men.

Distinguishing Bread of Made Preservatives Practical Tips To Prevent Cancer

April 24th, 2011

Have you ever found that has moldy bread, this is certainly due to the preservatives contained in the bread bakery. However, not all bread is actually harmful to health, provided you know how to tell the difference. Well, if you want to know how to distinguish the bread that contains lots of preservatives, here are some tips you can use.
As is known almost all industrial products today do not exist that is free of additives (additional) and preservatives. Both have been used in the food industry, medicine and cosmetics for hundreds of years.
Preservatives is one additive which of course is used to create a product is not easily damaged by disturbance fungi, bacteria or other microbes.
Ir Chandra Irawan, MSI, food chemistry and nutrition experts from the Academy of Chemical Analysts said Bogor, some manufacturers ‘naughty’ is like entering preservatives such as Calcium and Potassium Bromate Propianate excessively into the bread dough. Preservatives are usually added to make bread more durable and the view is always interesting.
Potassium Bromate (KBrO3) is a bread improver which is usually added to bread and flour, which serves as the developer of bread dough, making bread is stronger and more elastic.
But Potassium Bromate is considered a carcinogen (cancer-triggering) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Agency for Research on Cancer or IARC), which can be harmful if consumed, as reported by nowpublic, Wednesday (03/02/2011).
A study conducted Kurokawa Y, A Maekawa, M Takahashi and Y Hayashi from the Division of Toxicology, National Institute of Hygienic Sciences, Tokyo, also has found that KBrO3 can induce renal cell tumors, mesotheliomas of the peritoneum, and follicular thyroid tumor cells, such as reported.
In theory, the substance of this preservative should come out of bread dough during baking, but if too much is added or if the bread is not cooked long enough or not at temperatures high enough, then the preservative will still remain on the rolls.
“Preservatives that was its function to kill microorganisms. But if preserved inserted unnecessarily, it will be difficult synthesized or degraded by the body, eventually deposited. Well, after a long time can lead to cancer because of his nature karsinoge,” said Ir Chandra.
While Calcium Propianate used as a preservative in bread and other baked goods. Preservatives are used to prevent growth of fungi and bacteria. But manufacturers often add this to excess preservative in bread dough.
“Yes but not all manufacturers are like that, so it must be smart to choose,” said Ir Chandra.
Here are some ways given Ir Chandra to distinguish the bread that uses excessive preservatives, namely:
1. Period expired bread into very long time than usual
2. Display is very white bread
3. Its texture is soft and chewy, but being a bit hard so that it can last long

Cancer Drugs

April 23rd, 2011

Cancer is a malignant tumor that grows due to abnormal cell division and uncontrolled. That growth could spread to other parts of the body through the lymph system or blood stream, so that abnormal cell division has the potential to cause malignant cancer that has a big influence on health.
Drug treatment of cancer or cancer in general is operating or cutting action on the part of the body affected by cancer and chemotherapy continue with the action to kill cancer cells that do not root raised / cut at the time of surgery.
Surgery in general is a cancer drug as a tactical action alone to cope with a lump or growth of meat due to uncontrolled cell division, cancer drugs with this action does not guarantee the healing of cancer, because the operation did not reach until the roots of cancer cells (inability to shut down the roots of cancer cells) therefore, very often we see a recurrence of breast cancer after one (1) till two (2) years after surgery and chemotherapy.
Cancer drug that can be expected to heal completely is a cancer drug that can kill cancer cells or stop the root of uncontrolled cell division is.
That is in need of cancer drug that could work to the level of cells in our body to kill cancer cells and stop the root of uncontrolled cell division.

10 Most Expensive Disease with Medical Expenses, one of them is cancer

April 22nd, 2011

1. Mental Illness
Increased costs per year 6 per cent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 142.2 billion.
Mental illness among which Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizoprenia, depression and others. Recent drug development and a long healing process makes this disease a disease with expensive medical costs among all the diseases that exist.
2. Heart disease
Increased costs per year and 5 percent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 123.1 billion.
Heart disease remains the number 1 killer disease in the world. This is due to more and more people who smoke and increasing unhealthy lifestyle such as high-cholesterol diet and lack of exercise.
3. Trauma
Increased costs per year 6 per cent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 100.2 billion.
The medical costs of people affected by trauma continues to increase because each case is different ways of treatment. In addition, the tools to diagnose this disease such as Computed tomography scans quite expensive.
4. Cancer
Increased cost-per-year 7 per cent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 99.4 billion.
Cancer is the most expensive with the cost of treatment of colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. The key to avoiding this disease is by avoiding smoking and maintaining a healthy food intake.
5. Lung diseases
Increased costs per year 6 per cent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 64.6 billion.
Which include lung diseases including asthma, emphysema (swelling or inflammation of the lungs) and disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) others.
6. Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Increased costs per year and 9 percent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 50.2 billion.
This disease requires significant costs because many doctors are giving the drug in quantities unsparing in his patients. The quality of the drug also determines the price. If it made its generic hypertension drug may cost the disease can be suppressed.
7. Osteoarthritis (arthritis / rheumatism)
Increased cost per year of 8 percent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 48 billion.
Obesity and an enlarged waist size is a factor that increases the risk of this disease. Expensive drugs such as Vioxx and Celebrex that emerged in early 2000 adding expensive fees arthritis cure this. In 2004, Vioxx withdrawn from the market because the risk of triggering a heart attack.
8. Backache
Increased costs per year and 9 percent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 40.1 billion.
Expenditures for this disease much was spent for operations. There are also drugs that are expensive Narcotic (drugged) to overcome this disease. But a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that all the expensive treatment that does not make someone better.
9. Kidney disease
Increased cost of 13 percent per year. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 35.9 billion.
The discovery of dialysis techniques for patients with kidney disease makes the treatment is expensive. Dialysis technique is the first technology that is very expensive in dealing with kidney disease.
10. Diabetes
Increased cost per year of 8 percent. The total cost of handling this disease in the United States has reached U.S. $ 35.8 trillion.
Nearly 24 million Americans affected by diabetes and obesity triggers are highest. Diabetes can lead to other diseases such as heart disease and cancer. However, because the diseases had been treated differently again, the diabetes itself does not eat the higher costs of heart disease or cancer.

Bask Without Sunscreen Causes Skin Cancer

April 21st, 2011

Skin cancer occurs in the body that are usually not covered clothing, such as the face, hands, arms and ears. That is why, to protect the skin from the sun is considered able to avoid the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, the use of sunscreen was mentioned managed to avoid skin cancer.

Many people who develop skin cancer due to sun without sunscreen, so based on recent studies. The young woman is the figure most likely to experience it, because they tend to think of tanning healthy and attractive. According to American researchers who quoted from the Telegraph, on Monday (2/21/2011).

Professor Sharon Manne of the Centre of Cancer Prevention and Control Program, in New Jersey, United States says, even though it was known they have a family history of melanoma increases the risk of skin cancer, “Many of them still do not feel the need to use a form of sun protection.”

Melanoma is triggered by excessive exposure to UV light, either through sunlight or skin damage. The disease is contagious and is genetic.

He and colleagues interviewed 545 people who had been undergoing treatment for melanoma. In a report will soon be published in the journal BioMed Central Public Health, they concluded, “These findings suggest that family members can not be influenced to change the wear sun protection or exposure to the severity of the risk of cancer or melanoma patients themselves.”

In Britain alone, more than 10 thousand people are diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, each year. This case is two-fold in less than 20 years. This is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, because it has the potential to spread.

If you see an opportunity that is fast enough to survive better, but if left unchecked and the prognosis less. Almost two thousand people die each year from malignant melanoma.

In 2007, Zita Farrelly (29) from Salford in Greater Manchester, died of skin cancer after using a sunbed twice a day from the age of 14 years.

Professor Manne said, “To reduce the incidence of melanoma, we need to reduce the perceived benefits of sunning, and increase the use of sun protection.”

Jessica Harris, senior health information officer, Cancer Research UK said, “Having a family history of melanoma increases the risk of this disease. So it is important that the family of melanoma patients, as well as people who have white skin, blond or red hair, or a mole that much, or pock- spots know how they can reduce the chances of developing skin cancer. ”

“Enjoying the sun safely and avoiding conditions sunburn reduces the risk of skin cancer. The skin is darkened by the sun is a clear sign that your skin has been damaged by UV rays of the sun,” he concluded.