Formalin Causes Increased Cancer Cases

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A chemical expert, Bambang Kuswandi, PhD points out, the number of cancer cases in almost all strata of society, one of which caused a lot of food consumed containing formalin.
“Compared with the 1970′s, now it’s a case of cancer disease is mostly found in the community. It’s  because of a less healthy diet, either because they contain formaldehyde,” he said in Surabaya on Tuesday.
Graduated from “University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology” (UMIST), UK chairman of Pharmaceutical Studies Program, State University of Jember (Unej), suggests that POM Hall commented on the findings of the Center for the noodles and tofu that contain formaldehyde.
Bambang argued, in addition to causing cancer, formalin also cause irritation effects on the body which passed. For example on the skin, respiratory tract or the stomach.
“If it lasts a long time, it can cause cancer. Formalin was` do not be digested so the body reacts. Reactions that could trigger the emergence of cancer, “said the man from Sumenep, Madura.
He argues, have long suspected the existence of formalin on wet noodle product, whereas formalin on instant noodle is a new thing, which was intended as a preservative.
“Even I also never heard of salted fish using formalin. Yet for salted fish was enough to use salt can kill the bacteria or if you can use sugar confectionery products,” he said.
According to him, in addition to formalin, a chemical element that is widely used for food products and usually consumed by children is a dye clothing or other chemicals used on tomatoes mixed with chili which is rotten.
He said, actually very easy to distinguish dyes used clothing to foods, ie the garment dye will stick to the bowl or plate.
“If the use of formalin, is usually a little chewy when eaten. If instant noodles can be eaten raw to start with,” he said.
To reduce the practical use of formaldehyde as well as preservatives and coloring it, then the government should immediately intervene to provide enough knowledge to society.
“All this is usually the government will intervene to take actions if there are cases. For my action agreed, especially for actors who belong to a lot of money and knowledge enough, but the need is awareness,” he said.
According to him, much use of formalin, dyes and other substances in the community, caused by two things, namely because of lack of knowledge and to stay alive amid the current economic crush.
“Public Health in the region must be proactive in providing information to the public. In Pharmacy Unej never entered into counseling about this, but then considered to provoke the public to not buy the merchandise PK-5,” he said.
He said such a negative excesses are difficult to avoid because it is the extent of unhealthy food peredaranan in society. Therefore, local governments need to find the right formula for small traders are not disadvantaged and the user community is also safe.
“It was never any idea of ​​returning to nature, for example to dye using pandan (green) and saffron for yellow. But it is less desirable because it is considered difficult and less interesting in terms of appearance than chemicals,” he said.
In addition, Bambang also asked Balai POM to be proactive to the community and not only do the action. POM must find alternatives to find a cheap material, but still hygienic for the same thing does not happen again.


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