Cancer Detection and Epilepsy in Dogs

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Dogs are man’s best friend, but do you know if some types of dogs can even detect cancer and epileptic seizures in humans?
An experiment conducted by a team of doctors at Amersham Hospital, UK, proves this. They sent six dogs to sniff urine samples 144 people, 36 of them suffering from bladder cancer. The dogs were then successfully identified the urine samples of cancer patients as much as 41% of the experiments were conducted.
The researchers revealed that the cancer cells leave a particular odor that can smelt by dogs. If the doctor is able to detect chemical compounds in the urine smell out cancer cells, it can be developed a cancer-detection tests that may be easier and cheaper to do. Meanwhile, from another study conducted in Canada against 62 families who keep dogs and have children who suffer from epilepsy, it was revealed that 41% of dogs able to detect and warn the arrival of epileptic seizures.


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