Colon Cancer Cured by Tahitian Noni Juice

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Colon cancer or colorectal cancer, including cancer cell growth in colon, anal, and appendicitis. This cancer is one of the most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of death caused by cancer in the Western world. Colon cancer causes 655,000 deaths worldwide each year. Many colon cancers are known to have come from adenoma polyps in the colon due to constipation and fecal buildup that is too long. The development of these polyps sometimes develop into cancer. Treatment for this cancer is usually through surgery, which is usually followed by chemotherapy.
Causes and Symptoms
So far, the cause of colon cancer is not clearly known. However, there are some things that allegedly has the potential to bring this malignant disease, namely: how the wrong diet (too many foods high in fat and protein, and low in fiber), obesity (overweight), had colon cancer, comes from a family who have a history of colon cancer, have had polyps in the colon, age (risk increases at age above 50 years), less physical activity, are often exposed to food preservatives and dyes that are not for food, and smoking.
In Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Management Guide book mentioned that although initial studies showed no relationship of smoking with the incidence of colon cancer, but new research shows, long-term smokers (30-40 years) have a risk ranging from 1.5 to 3 times. An estimated one in five cases of colon cancer in the United States can be attributed to smokers. The study cohort and case-control design with a good showing, smoking-related increase in risk of adenoma formation and also increase the risk of changing into cancerous colon adenoma. Therefore, to prevent the incidence of colon cancer incidence is recommended not to smoke. Symptoms of colon cancer patients who often complained of, namely:
• Bleeding in the large intestine characterized by the discovery of blood in the stool during defecation.
• Change in bowel function (diarrhea or constipation) for no apparent reason, more than six weeks.
• Losing weight for no apparent reason.
• Pain in the abdomen or the back.
• Belly still feels full even after defecation.
• feeling tired of the constant
• Sometimes the cancer can be a barrier in the colon that looked at some of the symptoms such as constipation, pain, and feeling of bloating in the stomach.
Colon Cancer Treatment
To deal with colon cancer, surgical therapy is the most effective, especially if done on a disease that is still localized. However, when it occurs metastasis (spread), the handling becomes more difficult. However, with the development of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the moment, allows people with advanced stages or in case of relapse for adjuvant therapy. Adjuvant therapy is chemotherapy given after surgery in patients with stage III cancer in order to kill remaining cancer cells.
Currently, adjuvant therapy can be done without a needle (IV), but with oral / tablets (Capacitabine). Availability capacitabine tablet allows patients to undergo chemotherapy at home, of course, its effectiveness is better. ‘Capacitabine also an oral chemotherapy that is safe and work up to the cancer cells.
Prevent Colon Cancer

Preventing far better than cure. It also applies to colon cancer. So as not to touchable this deadly disease, do prevention efforts. Learn prevention tips from doctors Adil S Pasaribu Spb KBD following:
• Avoid foods high in fat, protein, calories, and red meat. Do not forget calcium and folic acid consumption.
• After undergoing adenoma polipektomi recommended calcium supplementation.
• Also recommended supplementation of vitamin E, and D.
• Eating fruits and vegetables every day.
• Maintain a Body Mass Index between 18.5 to 25.0 kg/m2 throughout life.
• Make physical activity, such as brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day.
• Avoid smoking.
• Immediately do a colonoscopy and polipektomi in patients found a polyp.
• Make early detection blood tests with vague since the age of 40 years.
Cancer Prevention and Healing Heart Disease by Tahitian Noni bioactive Beverage
Based on the experience of Dr. Neil Solomon, PhD at Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), a phenomenon that often arises is losing energy. Dr. Neil Solomon, PhD, also a lot to see some abnormalities that arise in some types of cancer such as skin discoloration, sores that do not heal, lumps under the skin, increased body temperature and weight loss. These are often associated with signs and symptoms for other diseases. Most cancers are not detected early and can only be diagnosed properly by performing routine medical examinations and with a series of specific tests. The earlier cancer is detected and treated, the better the result.
Several other studies have been conducted in the laboratory to confirm the ability of bioactive Tahitian Noni Beverage (TNBB) to fight cancer. In one study, scientists from Japan’s four-man race injected cells (cells that become the trigger for the growth of the damage) to substances called damnacanthal that is in the TNBB. They observed that administration damnacanthal race turned out to inhibit the reproduction of cells significantly. Damnacanthal is a substance in the TNBB as anti-cancer agents. In addition, research has proven that TNBB stimulate the body to produce the elements that are fighting cancer like nitrix oxide, interleukin (mediators made by the immune system and update limtosit), interferon (cytokines that prevent the occurrence of super inteks by other viruses), necrosis factor tumors, lipopolysaccharide and natural killer cells.
Against medical research TNBB by Placebo Controlled Double Blind has produced 14 Human Clinical Studies, and supported by 52 more PATENTS intended for Healing and Prevention of Cancer diseases make TNBB declared by The American Association for Cancer Research at the regular meeting to 92 in 2001 as the sole means of cancer treatment for the Top 10 Cancer Medicine with no side effects whatsoever and the only one who comes from Herbs.


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