Cancer: Diseases Due to Negative Emotions?

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Recently I attended a writing a trainer who told her story that inadvertently diagnosed with kidney cancer stage 3 and how the trip until he finally decided to do a surgical removal of the kidney. Remarkably, though one of his kidneys had stage 3 cancer, but cancer did not spread to other organs. A lot of interesting things that I got based on the story and based on the stories and writings that I have ever heard and I read.
What causes cancer? Until recently, the medical world still can not give an answer with certainty what causes cancer. It is said, the cancer arises because of a combination of several factors. These factors include: heredity, diet, environment, viruses, infections, behavior, emotions, and free radicals. What is interesting is to say that cancer is not a modern disease which only occurs in modern times, but has existed since time immemorial.
Several factors are quite popular among the public is heredity, and the influence of diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Typically, a child suffering from cancer similar to that suffered by their parents, or suffered by other family members, it is said that cancer is inherited in the family. True? Certain foods are also said to cause cancer. There is one term “carcinogenic”, ie a substance which is believed to trigger cancer. Among the substances preservatives, dyes, fried food. Really one of these?
Healing is also a wide range of cancers. Surgical removal of cancer cells or organs that have been exposed to cancer cells, not necessarily cure for cancer. Because of the possibility of the cancer cells can arise again. Some plants serve as an alternative, such as taro plants rats. But again, no one would dare claim can cure cancer in total.
On the way I learned the science of mind in recent times, I found some interesting things. It is said, someone with the qualities of mind are very strong and good, can create cancer cells in her body in a matter of minutes. With the same quality of mind, cancer cells can also be removed in minutes. However, in everyday life we ​​usually hear that cancer levels are formed or worse, in a matter of months, years even decades too. Why? Since the average human mind is not strong enough to create the cancer cells quickly. Thus, the term, the disease was payable little by little.
If it is true that the mind that created the cancer cells, the next question, what kind of mind that can create these cancer cells? In his book “Heal Your Body”, Louise Hay says that cancer is caused by feelings of sadness or hurt is very deep or treated unfairly because of feeling in a long time. I remember there were some cases handled by my friend, fellow hypnotherapist. One of them is a mother who had breast cancer. When treated, it is known that the mother was storing a deep sense of hurt as a child against his father, who always treated him arbitrarily. When feelings of negative emotion is released, without warning, her breast cancer disappeared by itself within 3 months. Whereas previously the physician has requested that this mother for surgery even though the mother was refused.
Is there anything else other than the negative emotions that cause cancer? In the world of meditation, it is said that cancer cells are normal cells that become wild. Wild Being here is because the normal cells obtain energy is called “wild”. Energy “wild” is said to be derived from our actions are “wild”, our minds are “wild” and also a lot of foods contain the energies “wild”, ie foods that contain lots of chemicals.
When I expressed my opinion this to a friend, I never argued with the given one example of the case. He mentions one of his sisters (in Catholicism) who had cancer and eventually died. The period of a simple life and well as a nun is said to harbor negative emotions, he said. I then remembered the story of my meditation teacher who never give meditation training to the Sisters. It is said by my teacher, that the nuns are turned out there who harbor negative emotions as well. Of course, these negative emotions will not be caught by our eyes or by saying that we can hear, because these emotions are all situated within the human subconscious. So, even if someone looks fine from the outside, but we never know what’s in the subconscious mind.
So, if it is true that negative emotions are the biggest influence in the formation of cancer cells, then we should always keep our emotions, by not harboring negative emotions from our past. If there is, immediately released. If unable to release themselves, ask for help therapists to help you. Of course, in addition to these emotions, it would be nice if we also lead a healthy life with a healthy diet and healthy thinking and behaving that well …

Green tea: Lowers blood pressure, as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cancer

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Benefits of Green Tea seems endless, Because it is so many uses of tea drunk without sugar is tasty. such as lowering blood pressure, as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cancer.

Green tea consumption is very healthy in every day, let’s peep some of the properties of green tea is …..

1. Maintaining healthy skin
Whether you are hand cut, burned or stung by a bee? Just brewed green tea, dip a cotton pad and apply on the wound area. Tea is a natural antiseptic to relieve itching and swelling. When acne grows or burning skin or eye bags, green tea as soon as possible to use dye to the solution. Not only that, In the laboratory, green tea helps block out the sunlight can trigger cancer, whether by way of drinking it or applying it directly to the skin. If applied directly to the skin, green tea can act as a sunscreen and moisturizer. Then, choose a moisturizer that contains green tea for the sake of beauty and skin care.

2. Reducing cancer risk
A number of polyphenols, a potent antioxidant found in green tea, it seems useful to prevent cancer cells proliferate in the body by inhibiting its growth and closing the occurrence of new blood vessels needed for growing up tumor. Study after study shows that people who drink green tea regularly have reduced risk of breast cancer, stomach, throat, colon or prostate.

3. Stabilize blood pressure
With blood vessels healthy awake, namely priced in the range of 120/80, is very precious to us. Mancri way how this level can be achieved is the ‘homework’ for us. Want a simple way? Try drinking a half cup of green tea per day seems to avoid high blood pressure by 50% than those who do not eat them. Thank you once again to the polyphenols (also known as ECGC). Compounds in tea helps keep blood vessels from contracting and increased risk of blood pressure.

4. Keeping the memory
Green tea also helps the brain to keep in mind, the alias is not easily confused. The parents who are diligent at least two cups of tea per day seems less so to have cognitive problems than those who do not like to drink tea. Sekal8i again this is attributed to the antioxidant content in tea to fight free radicals that damage the nerves of the brain as in the case of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

5. Ageless
Who does not want to stay young? The key is in the arteries. The younger and more healthy arteries, it will be more healthy and youthful body as well. So prevent the accumulation of plaque on artery walls that is the risk of heart attack and stroke for longer life. How much green tea is needed for this? Approximately 10 ounces per day, which is also useful to prevent the accumulation of body fat and cholesterol.

6.Turun weight
Well, this is probably the most expected. Drinking green tea regularly and as a bonus stay slim attractive body, because the tea act to accelerate the process of burning calories in the body.

Sex Trigger Early Cervical Cancer

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As reported Monday (18/1/2010) Last BKKBN survey conducted in 2008 called 63 percent of adolescents in several major cities in Indonesia has been doing pre-marital sex. Two years earlier, Annie Foundation survey found that 42.3 percent of junior high and high school teens in Cianjur, West Java, had sex.

A survey carried out recently against a number of adolescent girls also prove that the sex between them done without coercion, and based upon consensual.

”They were not aware of the consequences of sex at a young age. As teens, the uterus is still very susceptible to various viruses and germs. So that the human papilloma virus (HPV) which is a precursor of cervical cancer can go in and attack them,”said Dr. Abidin SpOG Boy, the launch of the campaign I Know in Djakarta XXI Club Theatre, Monday (18/1/2010) ago.

Today these young women may not realize the consequences of sexual behavior. Which they fear may be simply that they are not pregnant. But more important note is that the HPV virus is likely to become cancerous the next 10-20 years. That is why cervical cancer can occur at a very young age.

”If they get pregnant, the consequences will be different. They may perform an abortion. But also there are consequences,”added the doctor who practices in RS Mitra Keluarga Kelapa Gading it.

Abortion is likened to a small tree that was removed from the land where grown. Can you imagine what happens when the tree is removed, such as what land in the vicinity. Dr Boy likens the womb it is ground.

“When the woman was married and wanted to get pregnant, will be very difficult, and it is not possible sterility,”said Dr. Boy. Rahim, he said, was strong enough to hold the baby at least 20 years of age.

use of a bra during sleep causes breast cancer?

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Keeping the body healthy as possible and increase endurance is the best way to keep therisk of of breast cancer can be suppressed . Do not easily believe the myth that says that tight bras will cause cancer.
To date only one study evaluating the association between breast cancer and use a bra when sleeping. The result also mentioned the risk of breast cancer in women who slept with who do not use the bra was the same.
Maintain a healthy weight may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. due to overweight and obesity become one of the factors triggering breast cancer.
Women who are overweight usually have a large breast size and use a bra when sleeping. Meanwhile, thin woman who usually sleep without a bra. This difference is thought to nourish the myth of bra and breast cancer.


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Beware what if you experience changes in bowel habits
Colon cancer – rectal (colonial-rectal) is a cancer that afflicts the large intestine to the anus. The growing slowly, any complaint arising slowly, so people often ignore or neglect of the symptoms of the disease.

WHY CAN SOMEONE colon cancer – rectal?
A person can be exposed to colon cancer – rectal if have risk factors as follows:
1. Genetic factors
Patients with a family history of colon polyps or colon polyps there who suffer
2. Ever suffered from inflammation of the intestine.
3. Ever suffered from colon cancer.
4. Ever had breast cancer or uterine cancer.
5. Eating habits are wrong, that is always eat meat and do not like vegetables, or foods that are processed by using preservatives or dyes. Can also eat food because it is often baked or roasted.

In Indonesia is likely to get cancer Colon / rectum between women and men equal. The most commonly occurs around the age of 30 years and about 60 years.

Cancer can attack the large intestine to the anus.

WHEN START of colon cancer – rectal?
Colon cancer may begin to arise since young adulthood to old age. But most often occurs is at the age of about 30 and about 60 years.

With good eating habits such as:
Many eating fibrous foods, such § vegetables, fruits, whole grains.
Eat less meat. §
Avoid eating foods that use § preservatives, dyes and food that is processed by means burnt or baked.


Early Stage:
The presence of blood mixed with feces and § lenders (bloody stool).
Change in bowel habits, stool § sometimes watery sometimes hard, sometimes more frequent or difficult bowel movements.

Advanced stage:
Abdominal bloating, pain and tension. §
Sometimes it can be touched the masssa § or bulge in the abdomen.
Decreased appetite. §
Bleeding from the rectum. §
The signs are caused by narrowing and blockage of § large intestine – rectum, just as it is difficult defecation.

In the early stages of symptoms and keluahan is often unclear and not heavy, so often people come to the doctor when the disease is advanced and difficult to treat.

1. For patients with no symptoms.
Digital rectal examination, as § part of routine health examinations.
Examination of Samara in the stool blood test in clinical laboratories § from the age of 50 years.
Examination with a tool inserted into the rectum § (Proktosigmoidoskopi) began at the age of 50 years. If in 2 times a routine health examination results are negative, can be performed every 3-5 years.

2. For patients with high risk.
§ Samara periodic inspection every year.
Whereas in the past have suffered from polyps § adenomatus, it is advisable to check with a tool inserted into the rectum through the colon (colonoscopy), 1 year after diagnosis, then every 3 years.
If previously there is a big § inflammatory bowel disease, it is advisable to perform periodic biopsy for detecting early changes in cells towards the malignancy (dysplasia pragmalignansi) and can be performed research (surveillance) annually by an expert.
When the history found there § keluraga family members who suffer a lot of polyps in the intestines (Familial polyposis), it is recommended to conduct the examination as stated in the ad. 1 (for patients with no symptoms) to a family member since the age of 14 years.
When previous large § colon cancer, it is advisable to do kolonoskpi 6 months to 12 months after diagnosis, then 24 months.

3. For patients with symptoms and blood in stool accompanied mucus.
Sometimes the symptoms are regarded as hemorrhoids (pile) or amoebic dysentery, so diagnosis is hampered. Therefore, the above symptoms should be regarded as a colon cancer until proven that it’s not cancer. Patients are encouraged to conduct such inspections at ad.2.

Treatment of colon cancer – rectal are as follows:
1. Drugs killer cancer cells (sitostatica or chemotherapy).
2. Radiation (radio-therapy)
3. Surgery (operations), as long as possible.

For those who have undergone surgery or surgery on his colon and use the pouch on her abdomen (colostomy bag), it is advisable to follow a rehabilitation program

Most Prone to Obesity Cancer

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Obesity will soon become the largest cause of cancer and shift the position of women smoke in triggering cancer, like colon cancer, uterine, and breast cancer. This was stated by Dr Andrew Renehan cancer experts at a conference in Berlin.

According to Renehan, from 300,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Britain each year, 13,000 of which are caused by obesity. “Obesity is increasing allowing it to be the largest cause of cancer in women in the next decade,” said Renehan, as quoted dailymail site.

The data collected showed Renehan, 1 in 10 new cases of cancer suffered by women in Europe are caused by being overweight or obese. This amount is three times more than the cases in men. In men, only 3.2% of new cancer cases are caused by overweight or obesity was in women reached 8.6%.

Renehan and his team designed a model to estimate the number of cancers caused by obesity (said to be overweight if body mass index of 25 or more). In 2002, they estimate that 70,000 cases from a total of 2 million cases are diagnosed in 30 countries in Europe, caused by excess weight. In 2008, this number jumped to reach 124,050 cases. Between all types of cancer, cancer of the uterine lining, postmenopausal breast cancer and colon cancer are 3 types of cancer most associated with weight.

How obesity affects cancer risk? According to investigators, the fat tissue influence cancer risk by increasing levels of hormones such as insulin and estrogen. The more fat, the more hormones (like estrogen) produced. This hormone will help the growth of tumors. In addition, people with big belly also has more acid in the stomach. These high acid levels can lead to stomach cancer, colon cancer or esophageal cancer.

Previously, bright researchers, smoking is a cause of 1 in 4 deaths in men and women. However, as with many people who quit smoking, this number goes down and will soon be replaced by obesity. In addition, continued Renehan, the small number of women doing hormone therapy (because of fear of breast cancer risk associated) also reinforce the position of obesity as a cause of cancer.

The use of hormone therapy, menurur Renehan, probably has been covered and debilitating effects of obesity on the incidence of disease. “In women who use hormone therapy, it is unclear the proportion of cancer caused by hormones or obese. Meanwhile in the women not using hormones, the effect of obesity much clearer. ”

Today, bright Renehan, the more easily see the effect of obesity on cancer because the number of users of hormone therapy the less. As a result, the number of cancers caused by obesity is also increasing. “We are not trying to seek sensation, in fact, this number seems even higher.” Therefore, the light Renehan, it helps keep the body in order to stay slim.

Colon Cancer Cured by Tahitian Noni Juice

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Colon cancer or colorectal cancer, including cancer cell growth in colon, anal, and appendicitis. This cancer is one of the most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of death caused by cancer in the Western world. Colon cancer causes 655,000 deaths worldwide each year. Many colon cancers are known to have come from adenoma polyps in the colon due to constipation and fecal buildup that is too long. The development of these polyps sometimes develop into cancer. Treatment for this cancer is usually through surgery, which is usually followed by chemotherapy.
Causes and Symptoms
So far, the cause of colon cancer is not clearly known. However, there are some things that allegedly has the potential to bring this malignant disease, namely: how the wrong diet (too many foods high in fat and protein, and low in fiber), obesity (overweight), had colon cancer, comes from a family who have a history of colon cancer, have had polyps in the colon, age (risk increases at age above 50 years), less physical activity, are often exposed to food preservatives and dyes that are not for food, and smoking.
In Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Management Guide book mentioned that although initial studies showed no relationship of smoking with the incidence of colon cancer, but new research shows, long-term smokers (30-40 years) have a risk ranging from 1.5 to 3 times. An estimated one in five cases of colon cancer in the United States can be attributed to smokers. The study cohort and case-control design with a good showing, smoking-related increase in risk of adenoma formation and also increase the risk of changing into cancerous colon adenoma. Therefore, to prevent the incidence of colon cancer incidence is recommended not to smoke. Symptoms of colon cancer patients who often complained of, namely:
• Bleeding in the large intestine characterized by the discovery of blood in the stool during defecation.
• Change in bowel function (diarrhea or constipation) for no apparent reason, more than six weeks.
• Losing weight for no apparent reason.
• Pain in the abdomen or the back.
• Belly still feels full even after defecation.
• feeling tired of the constant
• Sometimes the cancer can be a barrier in the colon that looked at some of the symptoms such as constipation, pain, and feeling of bloating in the stomach.
Colon Cancer Treatment
To deal with colon cancer, surgical therapy is the most effective, especially if done on a disease that is still localized. However, when it occurs metastasis (spread), the handling becomes more difficult. However, with the development of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the moment, allows people with advanced stages or in case of relapse for adjuvant therapy. Adjuvant therapy is chemotherapy given after surgery in patients with stage III cancer in order to kill remaining cancer cells.
Currently, adjuvant therapy can be done without a needle (IV), but with oral / tablets (Capacitabine). Availability capacitabine tablet allows patients to undergo chemotherapy at home, of course, its effectiveness is better. ‘Capacitabine also an oral chemotherapy that is safe and work up to the cancer cells.
Prevent Colon Cancer

Preventing far better than cure. It also applies to colon cancer. So as not to touchable this deadly disease, do prevention efforts. Learn prevention tips from doctors Adil S Pasaribu Spb KBD following:
• Avoid foods high in fat, protein, calories, and red meat. Do not forget calcium and folic acid consumption.
• After undergoing adenoma polipektomi recommended calcium supplementation.
• Also recommended supplementation of vitamin E, and D.
• Eating fruits and vegetables every day.
• Maintain a Body Mass Index between 18.5 to 25.0 kg/m2 throughout life.
• Make physical activity, such as brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day.
• Avoid smoking.
• Immediately do a colonoscopy and polipektomi in patients found a polyp.
• Make early detection blood tests with vague since the age of 40 years.
Cancer Prevention and Healing Heart Disease by Tahitian Noni bioactive Beverage
Based on the experience of Dr. Neil Solomon, PhD at Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), a phenomenon that often arises is losing energy. Dr. Neil Solomon, PhD, also a lot to see some abnormalities that arise in some types of cancer such as skin discoloration, sores that do not heal, lumps under the skin, increased body temperature and weight loss. These are often associated with signs and symptoms for other diseases. Most cancers are not detected early and can only be diagnosed properly by performing routine medical examinations and with a series of specific tests. The earlier cancer is detected and treated, the better the result.
Several other studies have been conducted in the laboratory to confirm the ability of bioactive Tahitian Noni Beverage (TNBB) to fight cancer. In one study, scientists from Japan’s four-man race injected cells (cells that become the trigger for the growth of the damage) to substances called damnacanthal that is in the TNBB. They observed that administration damnacanthal race turned out to inhibit the reproduction of cells significantly. Damnacanthal is a substance in the TNBB as anti-cancer agents. In addition, research has proven that TNBB stimulate the body to produce the elements that are fighting cancer like nitrix oxide, interleukin (mediators made by the immune system and update limtosit), interferon (cytokines that prevent the occurrence of super inteks by other viruses), necrosis factor tumors, lipopolysaccharide and natural killer cells.
Against medical research TNBB by Placebo Controlled Double Blind has produced 14 Human Clinical Studies, and supported by 52 more PATENTS intended for Healing and Prevention of Cancer diseases make TNBB declared by The American Association for Cancer Research at the regular meeting to 92 in 2001 as the sole means of cancer treatment for the Top 10 Cancer Medicine with no side effects whatsoever and the only one who comes from Herbs.

Cats Keep Heart Disease and Cancer

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OWNER cats have long claimed that a pet is good for health. And this claim is justified by scientific studies. In fact, the results are very dramatic. Studies show, people who have cats as pets at risk 40 percent smaller die from heart attacks and 30 percent lower risk of heart disease.
What’s the secret? According to researchers, heart health improvement triggered by activity sat down and mingle with cats. This activity was shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
In addition to good heart, cat owners also have lower cancer incidence. Cat owners, according to researchers, more exposed to allergens. Therefore, their immune systems are also more powerful.
In addition, snoring cats are also believed to have positive benefits. These studies showed that the vibrations of snoring cats can stimulate recovery and growth of bone.
Not only the physical benefits, cats can also be a source of emotional comfort, especially for people who live alone or live in a stressful situation. Cats can accompany and reduce feelings of isolation and restless. And because it only requires a little care, cats are very suitable for elderly people.
In addition to offering convenience to the elderly and patients, cats also proved have positive effect on people suffering from mental illness. Spend time with the cats can help people learn the boundaries, social skills and communication even when interacting with animals.
Some mentally ill patients, as described on the site, admitted that the cat can understand their condition, making them not feel alone and reduce frustration. Studies have proved that cat owners have problems mechanism for better and tend to adhere to their treatment.

Junk Food Causes Colon Cancer

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Fast food aka junk food, which generally have high levels of fat and cholesterol, can lead to colon cancer. Because That, in eating foods Kind This is necessary restrictions.
Thus put forward a specialist in internal medicine Benny Phillip! and Dawn Flrsyada on health seminar held at the Omni International Hospital, Serpong, Tangerang, Saturday (3 / 7). The seminar is aimed at general practitioners, who are highly expected to give advice to the public about lifestyle heath. Trend colon cancer pain patients tend to increase every year, because people like fatty foods and high cholesterol, “said Benny.
According to him, upper middle class people are more susceptible Instead of colon cancer, because they are generally more eat Junk / OOD “They are more like and often eat meat. Only rarely eat vegetables. Work hard in the gut to digest the food was,”  his said. Benny Also cautioned the public to reduce high fat foods like fried foods. Even if love fried food, you should use a good quality cooking oil.
Symptoms of colon cancer, said Benny, usually marked by a bowel movement with blood (like a pile) and difficult to dispose of large ALR. “We try to give an understanding to a general practitioner. If there are patients who are wasting large ALR hemorrhoid is not necessarily accompanied by blood. It also needs to be understood by society,” his said. Fajar Firsyada say the same thing. However, disease experts said in the RS Dharmais That is, people need not be too paranoid to all kinds of food. “Eat them as usual, but reasonable. Just please eat junk food, but not too often.” he said.
According to Dawn, high-fiber foods should be consumed. Healthy lifestyle such as not smoking and regular exercise can accelerate the disposal of every day. Bina Ratna, Director of Omni International, said, in a month it could operate up to four UGA colon cancer patients,

Wonders of Alms, Alms Recovering from Cancer because

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The following story is one of the most famous stories and become a valuable lesson for everyone.
The characters in this story was a wealthy man, he is a great businessman. One time he exposed chronic disease that can not be silenced so. He then go check into the famous hospital. According to doctor’s diagnosis, chronic cancer found in his body, and the percentage recovery was very thin at all. The doctors suggested that he wanted medical treatment abroad in order to receive intensive care. Immediately he left for abroad to undergo examination and the results were the same as the diagnosis in the country. The doctors at the hospital and suggested that he would do surgery to remove the cancer ravaged her body.

However, the man asked the doctors to give a grace period to return to their home countries first. He wants to take care of everything, and intestate to members of his family, if you find that after surgery there are things that are not desired.
Eventually he rose to go home and take care of their home kenegara everything. Do not forget he wrote a will and left members of his family to the person who he trusted to keep his family. However, he did not inform the family problems he was facing.
At one point mid-way into his house, his eyes turned to an old woman who stood beside the place where the animal. The woman was collecting bones scattered in the place of slaughter. The man then stop  pace and meet the old woman. He asked why she was collecting the scattered bones. The woman then told him that his children become orphans after the death of her husband. This family is very poor and had no money to buy meat. All I can do is collect the bones that were scattered to be cooked instead of meat. He was very touched to hear the narrative conditions faced by the woman. He then alms quite a lot of money in the amount to the woman. Later he gave money to builders rather hamstrung in the number of lots and then asked her to send meat to the woman, every week. She was very grateful to him. Do not forget to pray for him and then he excused and left the place.
A few days later, he went abroad for surgery. Before the operation carried out, first the doctor examined the man’s back. The results were astounding. The doctor’s face was changed, and she angrily asked him, “Do you have to go to another hospital to undergo treatment for that illness?”
The man replied, “No.”
Doctor said, “Liar! Be honest with me, do you have to go to another hospital or not? ”
The man replied, “I swear, by Allah I did not go to other hospitals, there is actually what you asking questions like this?”
The doctor then said, “Examination and the latest diagnosis indicates your body is completely clear of cancer. Do in now in good health. ”
He was almost not believe what is said by the doctor. He is not the power to stem the tears that melted with joy. He then asked the doctor if it was true what he has just said to him. The doctor said, and vowed that what she said is true.
After realizing what happened on this, he was then grateful praise to God. Then he returned to his native country in a healthy state of healthy. He told members of his family, and they were all very surprised to events experienced by the man.
In this case the man said, God has healed me thanks to the prayers that were offered by the woman, because I have been charitable to fatherless children.
He promised to himself to keep poor families till the time the will of God.
Subhanallah. Let  this story could be a reflection for us all that true charity is able to extinguish the wrath of God, and be able to reject from a bad death. It is true what is spoken by the Messenger of Allah; Treat your sick people with (out) alms.